The VR Museum of Fine Art – Visit The World!

It’s time for another update here at VR Today Magazine, and today we will take a look at an interesting new app that has circulated on the Steam app store for about a week now. We’ll take a virtual trip to the VR Museum of Fine Art!

Whether or not your interest in museums has a deeper meaning to it, or you’d just like to check out what all the fuzz about the Mona Lisa painting is, you’re welcome to read along. If you’re an impatient beast, feel free to stop here and head over to the company’s download page and take the application for a spin yourself.

If you have ever been into history at any point in your life – either by obligatory educational demand or actual genuine interest, chances are that you have visited a museum. If that’s the case, you should probably know that the really great ones are few and far between. In fact, if you were to visit all of National Geographic’s “Top 10 Museums and Galleries“, you’d have to travel the world on a journey including France, Greece, Spain, England, Russia, USA, Holland, Italy and Vatican City

Tickets are free, drinks are temporarily non-existent, and the artwork is pristine. Enjoy!

In order to save you the time and effort of a very long holiday, The VR Museum of Fine Art allows you to embark on a visit to a virtual museum with a very authentic-looking collection of sculptures from the great museums.


The simulation is filled to the brim with exciting sculptures for you to explore. These include:



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